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Fifth Avenue: A Thriller is an Amazon Top 100 Best Seller!


The thriller "Fifth Avenue" became an Amazon Top 100 Best Seller in just five days.  Essentially, this means that out of the 2 million books sold on Amazon, "Fifth Avenue" quickly reached #4 out of every book available on Amazon.  It's in the top 10 best-selling spots on Mystery, on Thriller, and on Suspense.  It's a Mover & Shaker.  It's a Hot Pick.  And it's on many other lists.

Book Description
Look beneath all the power and all the wealth that represents New York City's Fifth Avenue, and you'll find greed, blood, revenge. In the thriller "Fifth Avenue," each intermingles within a revered society that is unprepared for what's in store for it when one man finally strikes in an effort to destroy another man for murdering his wife thirty-one years ago.

Louis Ryan is that man. George Redman, his wife, two daughters and their close friends are his targets. Both men are self-made billionaires who came from nothing to stake their claim to Fifth Avenue. But when Louis Ryan hires an international assassin to literally rip the Redman family apart, a series of events that can't be stopped catapults them all through a fast-paced, hard-edged thriller in which nobody is safe.

Secrets are revealed. Sex lives are exposed.  The Mafia get involved. And George's two daughters, Celina and Leana Redman, come to the forefront. More than anyone, it's they who are caught in the throes of their father's past as Louis Ryan's blind desire to kill them all takes surprising turns in his all-out effort to see them dead.

About the Author
For fourteen years, Christopher Smith has been the film critic for a large daily newspaper in the Northeast. For eight years, he appeared weekly on NBC affiliates, and two years nationally on the E! network. He has written over 4,000 reviews and he has been named Best Critic for 2010 by the MPA. He has published two previous books in his Netflix "Queued" series, which are compilations of hundreds of his film reviews.

Here are the ways in which you can buy "Fifth Avenue":

You can buy it in trade paperback here.  It's 450 pages, and it's the size of a hardcover novel.

You can buy it for Kindle here.

If you have an iPad, just download the free Kindle app and you can read it there.

You can read more about Christopher on his blog, ChristopherSmithBooks.

You can contact Smith here.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fifth Avenue: A Thriller When it Reached #8 on Amazon's Top 100 Best-Sellers


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Monday, October 18, 2010

Fifth Avenue: Trade Paperback Cover


Trade paperback is now available.  It's $14.99.

You can buy it in trade paperback here.   It's 450 pages, and it's the size of a hardcover novel.

Above is the cover.  Just click on it to supersize it.

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